The Method

What is Dog Listening?

Dogs communicate constantly, both with each other and with us. A Dog Listener knows how to read what a dog is REALLY trying to say and not what humans THINK the dog is saying.   More importantly, a Dog Listener knows how to give the right answers.  A dog understands that leadership is required, and there are many people promoting different methods of communicating with dogs, however some are more forceful and aggressive than others, often warning you with, ‘do not try this at home’.  These forceful, aggressive techniques work for some people (a few famous dictators come to mind!!), but a Dog Listener is the kind of leader you would trust. If your dog displays any of the common problems seen in our domestic environment, it is trying to tell you something.  When you know what it is, you can give it the right answers, it can trust YOU, which leads it to think for itself, relax and give up the bad behaviour that is damaging your relationship.

The relationship between Man and the domestic dog has been in existence for around 14,000 years.  The special bond between you and your dog is an amazing and rewarding lifetime experience.  Due to the research of Jan Fennell, biologists and naturalists, humans are at last learning to understand dogs by observing them through their eyes, not ours. It’s very easy, as humans, to project what we’re feeling onto a dog – or what we think we would feel in a similar situation.  They have been a part of our homes for such a long part of our history, it’s easy to think them as one of the family.  However, dogs communicate in very different ways from humans, and sometimes things can get lost in translation. Most people would be very surprised to learn just how much dogs perceptions differ from ours.  YOU can now learn how ALL dogs, regardless of breed, see the world we have created, and understand their natural instincts, rituals and rules. This knowledge will help you to empathise and communicate effectively, giving your dog a much more relaxed life.

Why Amichien® Bonding?

Amichien® Bonding was pioneered by Jan Fennell, the internationally renowned author of several books including “The Dog Listener”.  It is proven and applied by many dog owners, vets, groomers and rescue organisations as a more relevant, effective and kind method. It is demonstrated by dogs in their communication every day amongst themselves.

Taken from the French words, ‘Ami’ meaning friend and ‘chien’ meaning dog, Jan Fennell wanted a name to describe a non-confrontational, respectful, calm and simple method to help you become a leader your dog will trust and want to follow.  It is based on understanding a dog’s behaviour and communication, and uses positive, safe ‘DO USE AT HOME’ techniques/training methods to give your dog the right messages.

As the dog is only 0.2% genetically different from the wolf, Jan Fennell observed the Canis lupus in its natural and raw environment, giving her knowledge about their communication, behaviour and other aspects of canine life/survival.  With this information, she devised a method that could help humans understand and communicate with their own dogs (Canis lupus familiaris).  She highlighted four main areas where canines address status (position in the pack/family) within the pack and ask questions;

  • Food
  • Going for a walk
  • Potential dangers (barking, running away and aggressive behaviour)
  • Everyday status in the house (and also when re-united from separation)

Your consultation with CathytheDogListener will help you know when your dog is asking these questions, and give you the correct answers to these questions in a way your dog understands. You will enjoy a relaxed session, learning to understand how your dog perceives each situation, and more importantly, learn that from that moment on, you will know how to communicate effectively in a calm relaxed way.

JAN FENNELL INTERNATIONAL DOG LISTENERS (JFIDL) is a fully accredited certificated body, which ensures that best practice is achieved, offering quality assurance for all their dog listeners.  If you require any more information, please go to:

Cathy The Dog Listener Dog Training