One to One Consultation

These take place in your own home as this is where the dog and the owners feel most comfortable and act naturally.  You will learn why the dog is behaving as it is and what your dog is really thinking.

Once you understand your dog, you will be given a plan with simple guidelines to perform whenever you are in contact with your dog to reinforce your role as leader.  You will be taught how to apply the four key areas of Amichien® Bonding during your everyday life, and your dog will not be forced to do anything.  The dog will stop the behaviour OF ITS OWN FREE WILL and this is often evident during the consultation.

It will typically last between 2 and 4 hours, but can continue until everyone is comfortable and confident with implementing the method.

The method is an on-going process rather than a quick fix. The benefits that come from this will last as long as you continue to apply the method.  Over time and with consistent messages from you, undesirable behaviour will change, and a more harmonious relationship becomes established between you and your dog. Eventually, you will communicate these messages naturally and automatically.

After this consultation, aftercare service will always be available, free of charge, for as long as you need it.  This life-time back-up by phone or email could be for any further questions, advice or simply reassurance, to keep you on the road to success.

I would recommend that you read ‘The Dog Listener’ by Jan Fennell before you have a consultation.  It is available in all major book stores and libraries.

The cost of this service is only £175.  A 20% deposit is required before the consultation, and the remaining balance is paid on the day of the consultation.