Cathy The Dog Listener – Dog Behaviour & Coaching Specialist – Dog Listening

Do you feel like your dog frequently behaves badly?

Do you feel like you have to tell off your dog in order to see good behaviour?

Does your dog show any of the symptoms below?

  • Separation Anxiety (destructive behaviour, barking, whining, howling, defecating/urinating in the home, and sometimes self-harming
  • Fear of noise, car, dogs, fireworks thunderstorms or other things
  • Persistent barking
  • Pulling on the lead (even to smell or mark territory)
  • Fail to come on recall or run off on own
  • Fussy eating
  • Aggression towards other dogs, animals, people or objects
  • Agitation when in the car
  • Jumping up at you, family members or visitors
  • Hyperactivity
  • Inappropriate or obsessive behaviour

Then the dog listening programme from Cathy The Dog Listener is what you need.

Learn more about the differences between dog listening, dog training, coaching and dog whispering. Do you want more information on puppy rearing, socialisation, obedience and working dogs with NO FORCE, NO GADGETS AND NO SHOUTING?

Cathy The Dog Listener is a dog behaviour specialist based in Cleveland & Teesside covering the Redcar & Middlesbrough areas. Offer the finest dog listening service, a true and more unique alternative to the traditional dog lessons, training, coaching and whispering services.

The Benefits

  • Solve any problems you have with your dog
  • Help you understand your dog better and communicate in a language it understands
  • No more telling off or shouting at your dog
  • You and your dog will be more relaxed
  • You WILL be the leader, and your dog will know it
  • As a result of you respecting your dog and being the leader, your dog will respect you

This method will help with any non-medical dog behaviour problems, and can help you communicate better with your dog, working with the dogs’ natural behavioural pattern and instincts.

This is a holistic method that uses no gadgets, drugs, intimidation or force. It is canine communication that works, giving us the opportunity to watch and understand what the dog is telling us through its body language.

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